Cafe Latte

The store specializes in coffee, tea, smoothie, bakery, gelato, ice-cream… both in-place or take-away in the shortest time.

Business hour: 10:00 – 22:30

Hình ảnh


Living and working in a dynamic and modern urbans like Saigon where most people are busy with their jobs. During working days, they do not have much time to sit in restaurants. People just need to get foods & drinks that can be served quickly on their way to work. Our Café Latte in Oshi Town at Thao Dien Village meets all these requirements. The store specializes in coffee, tea, smoothie, bakery, gelato, ice-cream. We serve both in-place or take-away.

First, we are serving a fresh range of coffee and various signature hot & cold beverages that are prepared by our skilled baristas using famous Italian coffee machines made by Bezzera, a 110 year-old company and high quality premium coffee beans and high quality fresh milk from the top producers. Besides, there are other ingredients such as Matcha, Gemacha we imported directly from Japan so that customers will have the chances to taste original and healthy products we used to make our drinks. We also have the special melon drink & ice cream made from the fresh Fuji Melon we take from the Japanese Melon Farm in Dalat.

Second, frozen Bakery of Hiestand of Aryzta – Switzerland that we import from Malaysia. It has various type of bakery products that we bake fresh from oven and serve hot to customers. It is a very wonderful feeling to have fresh coffee and fresh & hot bakery for breakfast.

Third, Italian Gelato is made from fresh Ingredients we imported directly from Comprital in Italy. We provide fresh and new favors to serve you, customers are assured to serve with premium quality gelato ice cream.


Customers can take away or in Café Latte. You will be served quickly.