KAIA Born in Saigon Quiet Luxury

Shop provides stylish ladies, men clothing which are made all from 100% India, Japan’s linen. and also some pieces of ceramic jewelry.

Điện thoại: 028 3844 8149

Giờ: 8h -21h

Hình ảnh

  1. KAIA_ MODE : we provides stylish ladies, mens linen clothing. Our natural fibre clothes are all from 100% linen from india , japan . we believe that luxury and comfort go hand-in-hand with shabby, simple chic linen wear. And also some pieces of ceramic jewelry.
  2. KAIA_ LEATHER : we provides handmade leather belts and shoes for men & women. Our belt builders take great pride in their leather work. Each belt is handmade to your specifications, and guaranteed for your whole life.
  3. KAIA_ HOME : we provides table linen, linen curtain and some pieces of unique furnitures , which are designed and handmade in saigon by Mienform & Retrolivin’
  4. Event: For grand opening promotion, we will offer 10% discount for all items in 1 first week.